Typical. You wait ages for one fly swatting game then two of them turn up at once.


Following hot on the heels of Swat the Fly comes the spin off SWATAGEDDON!!! (actually, it's called Fly Frenzy – Swat the Fly, but only because I've only just thought of calling it SWATAGEDDON!!!)


Inspired largely by the success of Flappy Bird, the game is simple, single player only and games are short and easy to restart after dying. Hopefully, it's also at least 1/10th as addictive.


Despite being more basic, I actually think this game is more fun to play than the original Swat the Fly and, despite having written it, sometimes find myself playing it just to try to beat my high score (note to self – really need to get a life).


Like the original Swat the Fly, it's free (ad supported) and only available for Android at the moment (sorry Apple heads) . You can download it here.



UPDATE: The game is now also available to download on the Amazon App Store and SlideMe. Click on the badges to download from the various App Stores.

 Download on Google Play Download on the Amazon App Store