Wasn't actually planning to release any more games any time soon, but have been playing about with Unity (a game development engine / tool if you haven't heard of it) and managed to knock something up a lot more quickly than I would have expected and thought it would be rude not to actually unleash it on the world.

The game is called Flappy Eagle 3D and, as you would expect from the title, its a Flappy Bird style game (yeah, I'm late to the party, I know). The 3D part of the title refers to the fact that, as well as tapping the screen to flap upwards, you also need to tilt your device to steer left and right. 

It's on Google Play now at:


All things being well, should also be released on iphone and ipad at some point.


You can now try the game out by playing it in your browser. To do so, click here.